The red squirrel is one of our most-loved mammals. The only squirrel native to Britain, it lives in both native woodlands and commercial conifer plantations, where it eats seeds including hazelnuts, acorns, beech mast and Scots pine seeds. 

Following a sharp decline numbers, the red squirrel is now endangered and most of the UK’s remaining population is in Scotland. These charming little creatures can be seen in The Great Trossachs Forest, and we are taking action to help secure their long-term survival.

If you are lucky enough to see a red squirrel, you can report your sighting here to as part of a project to help protect the future of red squirrels in Scotland.

Visit the following websites for more about conservation action to help the red squirrel in Scotland;

  • Forestry Commission
  • Scottish Wildlife Trust
  • Scottish National Heritage