How long is The Great Trossachs Path?

The Great Trossachs Path is 30 miles (48 km) long

Where does The Great Trossachs Path start and finish?

The Great Trossachs Path starts and finishes at Callander and Inversnaid (on Loch Lomond)

Can I cycle along The Great Trossachs Path?

Yes, the whole of The Great Trossachs Path is suitable for cyclists- some sections have some steep ascents and descents.

Is The Great Trossachs Path suitable for horses?

The majority of The Great Trossachs Path is suitable for horses, however the middle section (around Loch Katrine) is tarmac and so may not be ideal for horses. Other sections are likely to be challenging unless you are an experience rider.

Is there a leaflet to accompany The Great Trossachs Path?

Yes- A leaflet is available and can be downloaded here. Harvey’s map company sell a map on The Great Trossachs Path as part of their long distance trails series.

Where is the Trossachs?

The Trossachs are often described as the highlands in miniature and is very accessible, being only an hours drive for the majority of Scotland’s population. The two nearby towns are Callander and Aberfoyle and the closest city is Stirling.

Are there any Munros along The Great Trossachs Path?

No there are no munros along The Great Trossachs Path. The closest munro is Ben Lomond.

What overnight camping and accommodation facilities are available along The Great Trossachs Path?

In late 2017, camping provision will be available at the Trossachs Pier. See the Loch Katrine website for more details. 

Please note between March and October, certain sections of The Great Trossachs Path are within the National Park Camping Management Zone. For further details about this and information regarding camping permits, see the National Park website.

Hostel facilities are available at the Callander Hostel and the Inversnaid Bunk House.

There is plenty of accommodation provision in Callander.

How do I get to The Great Trossachs Path?

Regular public buses depart from Stirling to Callander. Trains and buses depart from Glasgow to Tarbet, where a boat bus service operated by Cruise Loch Lomond crosses Loch Lomond to Inversnaid. For public transport information see the planning your visit section, for boat bus sailing see the Cruise Loch Lomond website, and for Loch Katrine steamship sailing – see the Sir Walter Scott website

How bad are the midges?

Midges are present in this part for Scotland during the summer and are most prevalent during cloudy calm days. We recommend you wear midge repellant and if you are camping a midge hood might also be advisable.

What about ticks?

Ticks are prevelant in the spring and summer months. To help prevent a tick from biting you wear long trousers. We recommend you check for tick bites and if one has bitten remove it as quickly as possible. For more information on ticks see the attached sheet

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