In the first few years, The Great Trossachs Forest National Nature Reserve has already made great progress.

New Forest Areas

New areas of woodland have been created through planting of native trees and managing grazing to allow natural regeneration of the forest in other areas.

Existing woodland: 2446 hectares
Expected tree cover through natural regeneration and planting: 1754 hectares
Potential tree cover: 1,973 hectares

Total woodland cover: 4,200 hectares

Fragments of existing woodland are being linked to create wildlife corridors. Find out more about our habitat management work.

More wildlife

  • Black grouse numbers increased substantially and have subsequently stabilised - see the right hand column for the latest figures
  • Pearl-bordered fritillary butterfly identified in 2011 for the first time in 25 years
  • New otter holts have been recorded
  • Golden eagles breeding nearby
  • The Trossachs remains a stronghold for red squirrels
  • In 2015 the Narrow-bordered Bee- Hawk moth was recorded for the first time

More for visitors

  • A new series of short films profiles the rich history of the area, the background to The Great Trossachs Forest project and the work of our staff
  • Volunteers are helping with conservation work on the ground
  • Our two new visitor gateways provide information on what to see and do in the area. Both also have a public toilet

School visits

  • Education packs have been developed for schools to encourage children to come to the area to learn. Since 2012 we have supported almost 500 pupil days to The Great Trossachs Forest. See the attached link to see how one of teachers who visited felt this benefited her students.